Ersatz Guide to Malaysia

We moved to Malaysia in June 2014 spending a whirlwind 9 months in Miri, Sarawak the gateway to Borneo before moving to Ipoh, Perak, a charming city situated midway between KL and Penang.  
Here is a list of my posts that talk about the joys and challenges of living in Ipoh and Borneo and the places we visited in Malaysia.

Our life in Malaysia is summarised in this photo tour.

  • Ipoh is synonymous with Pomelos - the very best fruits in Malaysia are grown here.
  • Shopping for food in Ipoh is simple and as a bonus you can get everything!
  • Take a trip to Kellie's Castle, a colonial folly close to Ipoh.
  • The famous Malaysian Haze makes its presence felt here in Ipoh too!
  • Ipoh, like most of Malaysia has a problem with  stray dogs and cats, heartbreaking but there are people who try to make a difference.  
  • Ipoh is full of fascinating temples including the three cave temples on the Gopeng road, the famous Perak Cave Temple, the beautiful Kek Look Tong and an unexpected (and very well hidden) Tibetan Temple.  
  • Even more unexpected are the 3,000 year old rock paintings at Gua Tambun.  

  • There is a sanctuary for Orangutans at Bukit Merah, midway between Penang and Ipoh.
  • Some animal attractions are not as well run - pity the poor Ostriches at PD Ostrich Farm.  
  • KL has an award winning Aquarium that is perfect for a break with children.
  • Tour KL's Colonial District, Central Market and Petaling Street on foot.
  • Melaka is one of the most interesting cities in Malaysia.  Explore the Colonial District and the vibrant Chinatown.  
  • Learn all about Malaysia's tea trade at a plantation in the Cameron Highlands.
  • The Cameron Highlands is also a fantastic place to get away from it all and enjoy a break.
  • Peninsular Malaysia is a car based society.  Driving is fairly easy as long as you have patience.
  • When things go wrong people are usually happy to help out.
  • Malaysian Weddings are great fun and you will be honoured if you are asked to help the happy couple celebrate their day.  Of course how they celebrate depends on their culture - MalayChineseKelabit, Iban they are all different. 
  • Malaysia has beautiful countryside teeming with wildlife that is often ruined by the country's pervasive litter problem.  Look beyond that though and you can see some beautiful sites like the Lata Kinjang waterfall.  
  • Animal encounters are not limited to the city.  We met this beautiful otter while strolling in Penang.  
  • Georgetown, capital of Penang, is beautiful but some of the surrounding sites such as a the spice gardens are worth a visit too.  
  • Malaysians love pets and you can generally buy anything and everything for them.  Sadly you can buy just about every pet you could possibly imagine from the stores too.  


  1. Welcom to Ipoh. Glad you and your family are settling down well.

  2. you should have visited KUCHING! its way better than miri. :)

    1. We never had the time sadly. One day we will come back and drive from Kuching to KK.

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