4 March 2015

Versatile Blogger

Many thanks to my very good friend Antoine Vanner of the Dawlish Chronicles for a nomination as a 'Versatile Blogger'.  Antoine is a writer of historical naval fiction with a twist.  His hero hails from the late Victorian era and utilises all the emerging 'tech' of his time.  Nicolas Dawlish,  finds himself on various postings around the world (but to date we have only shared one - we have both lived in Turkey) and thrust into some very unsavory situations indeed.

The 'versatile blogger' is a cross between a linky and a blog hop designed to introduce readers to a variety of new and interesting blogs.  There are only 5 rules,  I have to adhere to:
  • display the badge;
  • write a post linking back to the nominating blogger;
  • find 7 interesting things to write about myself ... (hmmm);
  • Nominate other bloggers (to a maximum of 15) and say why they get my nomination;
  • Let the nominees know they have been nominated.
Thank you Antoine for my nomination!

7 'Interesting' Facts about the Ersatz Expat
  1. I have lived in 8 different countries (The Netherlands, Norway, UK, Nigeria, Turkey, Venezuela, Kazakhstan and Malaysia).  I have moved internationally approximately 10 times, it is difficult to say exactly how many because my parents moved a lot and at a certain point, we are not sure when, I stopped living with them but still visited their home overseas.  Not counting moves to different accommodation at university I have lived in over 25 different houses, many of them were my home.  
  2. I have never lived in my native country.  I carry an Irish passport, my father is Irish and my Dutch mother nationalised as an Irish citizen on marriage.  We have, however, never lived in Ireland although I visit when I can and keep in contact with family there.  My husband and children are British and I did live there long enough to gain the right to citizenship, I even managed to pass the rather bizarre life in the UK test (bizarre because the obscure questions have nothing to do with life in the UK) but I never got around to applying for citizenship before we left.
  3. I can communicate, in theory, 6 different languages (English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Turkish and Russian) but my abilities lie dormant in that I find I have to 'need' the language before I can bring any competency to bear.  If you asked me to use them right now I would be struck dumb. I am always in awe of my mother who was fluent in 4 languages (Dutch, German, French and English) and functional in another three (Norwegian, Turkish and Spanish).  I try to watch programmes and films in most of these languages from time to time to keep a 'muscle memory' of the cadence and rhythm of the language.  
  4. I once ran for Parliament.  When we lived in the UK I was a local councillor and was asked to run for Parliament in the 2010 elections.  I was unsuccessful but when we return to the UK I will revive my political ambitions.
  5. I have adopted pets in 5 different countries.  We had a dog in Norway but he died before we left.  We adopted Jimmy, a huge scruffy blond dog in Nigeria and he followed us through four international moves.  Eliza was a street rescue in Venezuela who ended her days a few years ago with my father in the UK.  Bessie was a wedding present from some friends in the UK, an old, old girl of almost 14 years she moved with us to Kazakhstan and now Borneo.  Perdita, our newest dog, is our little steppe hound rescued from the cold streets of Astana and enjoying the beaches on the South China Sea.  In my time I have also owned several cats and a parrot.  
  6. I have taken a case to the House of Lords.  In the days when it was the highest court in England and Wales I was the solicitor on a case that was appealed to the Lords.  The law lords were some of the most erudite and insightful men I have ever had the pleasure to watch.
  7. I have been on safari in Nigeria.  Jos safari reserve is not a well known or popular safari destination.  I can give you the complete run down as to why!
Versatile Blogs:

So here is my list of versatile blogs (I have kept it to 10) - in no particular order....
  1. Experimental Expats: Rob and Diane, a Canadian/American couple who are retiring to Malaysia.  
  2. Diplomatic Dog:  My favourite online pooch.  I met Nellie in Kazakhstan and she is now busy representing the UK in Guyana.
  3. Seychelles Mama: Blogs about day to day family life in the paradise that is the Seychelles.
  4. Mint Mocha Musings: A newsreader and now hotelier's wife muses on life in Hong Kong and China.  
  5. Your Expat Child:  A website stuffed full of resourcs on relocating with children and a fascinating blog on life in South Africa by Carole...
  6. The Diplomat's Wife: Is an entertaining read on life as a diplomatic family and a great resource of information in her 'Notes from the Field'.
  7. Expat Life With A Double Buggy:  British Amanda blogging on life as a Dutch mom. 
  8. Expat Partner Survival Guide: Clara is another perpetual expat, currently on the cusp of a move to South Africa
  9. Lou Messugo: Phoebe is a British/Australian living and loving life in the South of France
  10. The Dumpling Cart: An eclectic mix.  Tasty bites of stories from around the world.  


  1. Thank you for nominating me...I'm delighted that you think I'm worthy!!! I love reading these sorts of posts, getting to know the blogger a little bit more. You've certainly done some amazing things...safari in Nigeria sounds completely bizarre! Have you ever written about France? I'm runing a monthly linky #AllAboutFrance which opens tomorrow for a week, if you're interested in joining in.

    1. Thanks Phoebe - Jos Safari Park was one of the more unusual experiences of my life. If I had photographs I would probably write a blog but the visit was pre-digital. I should probably ask my dad if he has any he could scan.

      I would love to join the linky but sadly, other than holidays, France is not a country I know well. I did work as a remote manager for a French holiday lettings company for a while though and got to stay in some amazing Parisian apartments for free!