8 June 2016

Once Upon An Expat

For those of you who like to read stories of expat life look no further than the new book Once Upon An Expat.  An anthology contributed to by many wonderful expats it is the brainchild of Lisa Webb at CanExpatMom.  Not only did she pull together the posts of many expats, disparate in style, experience and location but she did that in the middle of a move from Borneo (the Indonesian part, sadly I never ran into her during my time there) to the Congo.

I make a contribution of a story from our time in Kazakhstan but the book is stuffed to the brims with excellent chapters from just about everywhere you can think of.  From the amusing chapters such as the awkward experience of a naked manicure (Americans and Brits seem to get really embarrassed by having to get naked) or getting an old Christmas Tree to the dump in Australia (harder than it sounds) to the searingly emotional chapters coping with death and distance as an expat this book has something for everyone.

I found it fascinating to read the stories that were set in countries that I had lived in (or near to).  The simultaneous differences and similarities of the experiences coming through loud and clear.

I won't say much more as I don't want to spoil the book but if you are looking for a good read this summer (or at any time) download a copy of Once Upon An Expat.  All proceeds go to the charity Books Abroad which helps to support schools with much needed literary resources.

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  1. What a great idea! I hope this becomes a bestseller!

    Thanks for sharing this for #ExpatTuesday. :D