Ersatz Guide To Expat Education

Mr EE  (also known as Jonathan Warner) knows all about the challenges that a roving lifestyle brings to education.  As a parent he sees our children experience life in their international school and the impact that changes in location and curriculum bring to their learning.  As a teacher he sees the process from a completely different angle.  He was housemaster in an international boarding house in the UK for 5 years then deputy head in a leading British Public School sister institution in Astana before moving to become Principal of an International School in Sarawak and then the Group Academic Development Officer responsible for education across 5 schools in Malaysia.  He is regularly asked to contribute at education conferences, most recently speaking at 'Learning Beyond Boundaries' hosted by Matrix Global Schools in Seremban. He is an accredited CIS inspector and is currently studying, part time, for his PhD.

Mr EE has written a number of articles on education in a global world, for parents at his schools, for publications such as The Expat Education Guide, Malaysia and his own profile.  We decided to collaborate and gather them together here in the hope that they might be of use or interest to expats reading this blog.

Mr EE is also happy to answer any general questions on education either through comments or via email ( but cannot provide specific advice unless you are a parent at one of his schools.

  • Protected from everything but learning nothing?  Why risk is important in education.  
  • How to help your children cope with the changing nature of friendship in an expat world.

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