31 March 2016

Our New Posting...

When we left Malaysia on 8 December last year we knew that we would have a hiatus of sorts before we were able to move on to our new posting.  We were told to expect a wait of about 8 weeks before my husband could get his working visa and a further 3 weeks for dependant passes.  We had a best case scenario of us moving out there in February half term and a worst case of my birthday (early April).  Well we have not quite made it to my birthday but after 16 weeks in the UK we have cut it pretty fine.

People have been asking me for some time about our new posting but, in an excess of superstition I did not want to say anything until all the paperwork was in order.  However I can now say, without worry, that we will be living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  We received the visas today, after many months of waiting in the UK and after a whirlwind of packing we will be flying tomorrow, 31 March.

KSA is my 11th or 12th (I am not really sure, there have been so many over the years) posting and the 9th country I will have the privilege to live in.  It is very different to all the other countries I have called home in the past and there are aspects that leave me a little apprehensive, it was certainly not a posting that was ever on my radar before now but it will be an adventure and we are all looking forward to it.

Of course the next few weeks will be filled with the typical expat relocation challenges, settling into our new home, finding help, getting the shipment, getting the pets, finding our feet but the important thing for us is that we will be exploring our new home together.  

Ersatz Expat


  1. How exciting to finally know where you're going /have gone! I think I'd be rather alarmed at the thought of living in Saudi but if anyone can thrive there you can. I know you'll get the most out of it. Good luck with settling in and finding your feet. It must be good to be getting on with the new posting and not just hanging around. Do you know Brooke of Out & about global http://www.outandaboutglobal.com/ ? She's a blogger in Saudi.

    1. I was alarmed when it first came up as a possibility but came round! Thanks for the tip I am off to find Brooke.